Unmanned aircraft flying over VN 100 km Central Marine Research

Morning 25.5, 6 unmanned aircraft by the Institute of Space Technology – HTI (Academy of Science and Technology of Vietnam) manufacturing sector has taken off at the beach Dam, Van Thanh commune, H.Van Ninh (Khanh Hoa), started flying program for marine scientific research on central coast

Attending research program scientists in Nha Trang Oceanographic Institute, Institute of Applied Research and Technology Home Page, Institute of Space Technology, Institute of Space Technology, and the deployment of high-tech Academy of Science and Technology of Vietnam (VHLKHCNVN).


6 unmanned aircraft in the line AV.UAV.S1, AV.UAV.S2 mounted camera, Dedicated camera and spectrometer to record reflections, photography, spectrometry and marine ecosystems and fisheries waters, continental shelf Khanh Hoa.




Sometimes Nose taken from unmanned aircraft – Photo by topic group provides research


According to the, AV.UAV.S1 aircraft take flight itinerary recording, spectrometric imaging ecosystem, coastal fisheries, vegetation, coral area, distribution components bottoms Van Phong Bay, sea ​​surface temperature; measurements of sediment deposition in the estuary, estuaries, mangroves, erosion of coastal areas; standardized photographs from satellites ... for study program



Van Phong Bay taken from unmanned aircraft


AV.UAV.S2 Aircraft take off flying cruise on the high seas 100 km with recording task, imaging spectrometer aquatic species on the continental shelf, coral seabed, temperature, seawater salinity, gyre, detect potential areas for fish farmers and fishermen to provide data for 2 Nha Trang Oceanographic Institute and the Institute of Applied Research and Technology Home Page.


According to the plan, night 25.5, team continues to test aircraft at night, continental shelf facing the central coast.


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